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Your Session

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Your session includes all Pets and People living in your home and will typically last 1-2 hours but takes as long as needed to capture your Portraits. It is important for me to get to know your Pets so their personalities will shine in their pictures and also so I know what techniques will be necessary in order to be able to photograph them. I will do any combination of images for you including Family Portraits and individuals. Please understand that if you have 5 dogs that will not sit together, you are probably not getting a Portrait of all 5 dogs together :) I am VERY patient but I am not a magician.

It is important to note: If you have an infant and are wanting Portraits without your Pet you will need to purchase Session through my other Website.

Before Your Session

It is important to exercise your Dogs prior to their Session, this helps to relieve some of their excess energy. A walk around the block should do the trick. Play with your Cats and other Critters to help with theirs.

When it comes to bathing & grooming it is important to know your animal. If a bath stresses them then do it the day before, if it makes them happy then do it the morning of your Session. No matter what a good brushing prior to your Session is very important.

If I am coming to your home make sure all of your Pet's favorite spots are ready for Portraits, I will follow them around and get down on the floor. I may also open up your curtains to assist with good lighting.

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After Your Session

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All Sessions include standard processing, minor touch ups, leash removal, black & white and color images placed in an online Gallery for 60 days.
Your Portraits will be available within two weeks from your Session and will include many images to choose from.

All Portrait Purchases are now made through the Gallery! If you did not receive your Portrait Credit coupon with your link make sure to ask for it before you place your order.

Your Portraits

Your final Portraits are professionally printed on 100 year archival paper with the option of choosing Standard, Metallic or True Black and White papers.

Upon placing your order in the Gallery, I will review it and make any needed adjustments to cropping as well as any final touch-ups you may request.

All shipped to your door in protective sturdy packaging within a week or so of confirmation.


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